[RC Wing Sailboat Project] Conclusions

The final rigid wing sail on the testing rig
Final wing sail design on the testing rig

Meeting Requirements


  • For apparent wind angles of 0–90deg (0 deg is in the direction of motion of the cart), the wing sail should create at least 50% more forward pulling force on the cart than the soft sail.
  • The wing sail should be able to create forward pulling force on the cart at closer apparent wind angles than the soft sail.
  • Materials and construction techniques should be available to the normal person with basic shop skills.
  • Plans to construct the wing sail should be easy to find and understand.

Future Goals

If more time was available these are the next steps that I would take to reach the overall goal of the project to build a working Radio Controlled wing sailed catamaran.

  • Assemble Victor Wildcat Model
  • Attach Wing to Boat
  • Design and Build Radio controlled wing trimming system



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Nikolas Osvalds

Nikolas Osvalds


I’m passionate about doing good, giving back, and helping to tackle the climate crisis with my working life, ideally with code.