Making Pixel Point’s Medium Widget Accessible

The Problem(s)

Like many folks, as I started out writing articles on Medium I wanted a way to embed a “feed” on my personal portfolio website without having to manually add articles each time I posted them. There are a lot of resources out there covering this topic so I won’t repeat detailed instructions here.

The Pixel Point medium widget feed on my personal website (
The Pixel Point medium widget feed
Missing alternative text errors from WAVE

The Process

Since the <img> tags were being added to the DOM by the widget’s JavaScript on page load, it wasn’t as simple as just adding the attributes in my static HTML. I had to dust off my JavaScript in the DOM skills, which was a bit scary after living with the joy of React.js for so long. However, I figured this would be a great way to re-refresh my knowledge on the DOM and gain further appreciatation for what modern frameworks do for you.

  • Finding a source for the Alternative text
  • Selecting the proper HTML elements from the DOM
  • Adding the alt attribute
Finding the class name of the main image in the medium widget using dev tools
Finding the class for the main image
// First attempt at getting the <a> element
((d, w) => {
})(document, window);
Developer tools showing a 0 length HTMLCollection
The result
Selecting and logging one element using a MutationObserver
developer tools screenshot of an HTMLCollection with 3 <a> element entries
The result
<!-- Main Image -->
<img src="*DeuT8iD3FaiRTevzz4VODQ.png" alt="Reviewing how performance and accessibility requirements were met and thinking about the future">
<!-- Avatar Image -->
<img src="*RgY7ABMwMVBvipXA" class="medium-widget-article__avatar-picture" alt="">


I now have a fully accessible Medium story feed on my personal portfolio website and have refreshed my knowledge on DOM manipulation.


Code snippets: index.html, scripts.js



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